What is a share? What is an impression? What is a click? What is a reaction?

Last Updated: May 18, 2015 09:25AM PDT
VoiceStorm tracks a lot of data around the performance of your content, and the member who shared it. Among this data are Shares, Impressions, Clicks, and Reactions.

Shares are the number of times members that have shared content onto their social channels. You can use this as a shorthand metric for how popular a particular piece of content is with your Members.

Impressions are the number of a user's social reach (friends and followers) for each share added together. For example, if I have 500 Twitter followers, 200 Facebook Friends, and 100 people following me on LinkedIn, content posted to all of those networks will net 800 Impressions for that Share. Impressions gives an approximate number for the strength of a given member's social network.

Note that this Impressions number is not necessarily everyone who has seen the post. It doesn't take into account people who saw the post due to a retweet, for example. It also doesn't take into account a follower on Twitter who may not have seen that post in their feed because they weren't online at the time it was posted.

Clicks refers to the number of clicks generated by content that was shared by a member. Each member share is posted with a unique URL that can have every click attributed to that user, so Clicks counts every time that member's URL is loaded. This also happens when content is re-shared from that member's post, so the clicks may not even be from that member's followers.

Reactions are total of the interactions people have with the post on the social network, for example, a Retweet or a Favorite on Twitter, or a Like on Facebook. These are "softer" engagement metrics, but can still give you an idea of what people think of the content.
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