Task 1: Create Your First Broadcast

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2015 01:46PM PST
There's no better way to alert your teams to the new content that is available than to Broadcast it directly to their email and mobile devices. There are a couple different ways to start a Broadcast:
  1. If your content already exists, click the Broadcast icon  for the item you want to Broadcast from your list of posts. (The column may be empty initially, but the Broadcast icon will appear when you hover over the column.)
  2. If your content doesn't exist, you can either ...
    a. Click the Broadcast button in the upper right hand corner of your post list, or
    b. In the Content tab, select Quick Broadcast from the menu.

On the Broadcast screen, you'll see both your Schedule and Notification options.

You can choose to send your Broadcast immediately with the Send Now option, or you can choose to schedule it for a specific time and date Later. (You can schedule multiple Broadcasts for the same item with the Add Another link.)

On the left side of your Email / Notification options, you can select who will receive the Broadcast. By default, everyone will receive the Broadcast, but you can select specific Divisions*, or in the Recipients box, choose Member Groups, Member Tags, or individual Member Names.

There are two special options for the Recipients. First you can choose to exclude members who already shared the content. This is set as the default, and is helpful when scheduling multiple Broadcasts, or if you're Broadcasting content again. You may choose to uncheck this box if you're resurfacing older content that you would like members to share again.

The second option is to exclude members that do not have permission to share, and this is selected by default, You may choose to uncheck this box if you are sharing internal content that you don't want shared, but still want your employees to know about it.

* Divisions is only available to Enterprise customers. Please contact your salesperson if you would like to know about our upgrade options.

On the right side, you will see the specific ways you can customize your Broadcast. This include who the Broadcast will come from, the subject line of the email, and a bold Headline and Custom Message in the body of the email. You will also have the option to customize and send a Mobile Notification to Members using our VoiceStorm mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

When you have finished configuring your Broadcast's options, you can click the
Send Broadcast button (if you've chosen to send immediately), or the
Schedule Broadcast button (if you chose to send later).

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