Task 7: Connect Content Feeds

Last Updated: Dec 02, 2015 08:20AM PST
By far, the easiest way to add content to your VoiceStorm hub is to not have to add it at all! VoiceStorm can import content from your social media feeds automatically, freeing you up to manage other aspects of your program.

To connect your content feeds, click the Content tab in the Manage Community area, and click Feeds from the menu. To add a new feed, click the New Connection button next to the feed you'd like to add.

Setting up your feed is easy. All you need is name for the feed (shown to the left in your list of similar feeds), the Link to the content feed, and a Description so other managers know what the feed is for. There may also be some search or filter settings, depending on the feed you've chosen. Some feeds may also ask you to pick whether to import the entire post, or just the link that is contained in the post. This determines if people will be sent directly to the content, or to the social media post about the content.

Next you can set the Default Post Settings. Your defaults are probably fine in most cases, but you can customize the following:
  • Review Status: Set to Approve Immediately, but you may want to choose Review First to make sure the content is seen by a manager before posting to your community.
  • Points: Will use your default point settings, but you can customize the feed to award more or less points for shares, clicks, and reactions.
  • Tags: You can apply a content tag to all content pulled in by the feed. For example, you may want to apply the Video tag automatically to any content pulled in from your YouTube feed.
  • Display Mode: Chooses how non-members will see content when clicking the link. Out of Application is the default and should be fine in the vast majority of cases. Only change this mode if the content cannot be seen by visitors, for example, if it's at a gated page or otherwise inaccessible to the public. (This setting will pull the content into a VoiceStorm hosted page.)

To view the posts imported from your Feeds, click the Content tab. You will see all of your Approved content, and you can filter them by Feed with the radio buttons on the left-hand column. That column will also show you the total number of Approved posts in each of your Feed categories. If your Feeds were set to require review by a manager first, you can click the Pending option on the left column to see a list of those Pending posts.

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